Calcium aluminum garnet ShiYu

Siliceous rock jade
Appearance features: head is poorer, slightly transparent to translucent. Green is mottled or banded. Hardness and feel similar with jade.
Flash ShiYu
Appearance features: head foot, translucent above. Grease to vitreous luster. Green is uniform. Pole and high-grade jade interblend.
Appearance features: color gray green, blue ribbon pattern, contains more impurity. Some head is better, for the translucent.
The most common on the market a fake jade jade. The personage inside course of study known as "water foam jade".
Sodium long ShiYu
Diamonds are the existing materials thermal conductivity in the fastest, if your CPU has a diamond do radiator, then... You must have been mad natural material
Black has stable, grave, classical, charm, noble, mystery, represents the low-key, implicative and restrained trait.
Black agate